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Emma Suttles, MPower Founder


After spending 10 years in Los Angeles, CA, Emma is thrilled to be bringing her passion for whole body health and wellness back in her hometown, Birmingham. Emma was first introduced to the Lagree Method // Megaformer Pilates 9 years ago and after one class she was completely hooked. During this time in her life, Emma had a demanding schedule and found it hard to find the time to fit in a full body workout that satisfied her craving for cardio, strength training, and stretching. After only a few classes, Emma realized that this was the most efficient and FUN exercise, and ever since she has been enjoying classes 3 times a week. While the Lagree Method of Pilates does provide a full body workout and no other method is needed to whip your body into shape, Emma also enjoys mixing in a pure cardio option of cycle classes into her training. MPower is proud to be the only Birmingham studio to offer the Lagree Method.